Gulfstream Apartments

Fees &

Holding Fee & Security Deposit

A Holding Fee is required of $500 along with your application fee of $85 per adult. If you are approved, the $500 is applied to your security deposit.

Our Security Deposit begins at 1 full month(s) rent and can go up to 2 months’ rent if approved conditionally. If the application is cancelled for any reason by the applicant up to the time they are assigned to an apartment the holding fee and deposit is refundable. The application fee(s) are not. After an apartment is accepted by the applicant and a unit is in processing and final approval stages with compliance, the $500 holding fee is nonrefundable.

Application Fee

$85 per adult over the age of 18 (Non-Refundable)

Application Deposit

$500 (may or may not be refundable please refer to application)

Applications approved with conditions will be subject to an additional security deposit in the amount to equal to one-month rent.

Available Lease Terms

ONLY 12 month leases are available. Electricity must be turned on prior to move-in day. Keys will not be given until all paperwork is completed and monies are paid in full by Money Order.

Income Level Requirements

We are a rent restricted affordable housing community and you must meet our income requirements below in order to qualify to live at Gulfstream Apartments.

Rent Range (subject to change)

2 Bedroom

50% Rent = $991

2 Bedroom

60% Rent = $1,207

Minimum Allowable Combined Household Income

2 Bedroom

50% = $29,730

2 Bedroom

60% Rent = $36,210

Maximum Allowable Combined Household Income

1 Person

50% = $33,600
60% = $40,320

2 Persons

50% = $38,400
60% = $46,080

3 Persons

50% = $43,200
60% = $51,840

4 Persons

50% = $48,000
60% = $57,600

Property Disqualifications:

  • Over Income
  • Under Income
  • Owe Other Properties Money/Evictions
  • Household of Full-Time Students
  • Some Criminal Background Activity

Applicant Requirements:

All Adults over the age of 18

  • Valid Government Issued ID
  • Social Security Card
  • If married – a copy of the marriage certificate
  • If divorced – a copy of the separation certificate or divorce decree
  • If employed – a copy of the last 6 paycheck stubs: most recent and five remaining must go back in date order from most recent. Also, employers phone number, fax number and address
  • If you have children and receive child support – a copy of the court order stating that the child is receiving money, the amount and how often it is paid
  • If you receive SSI and Disability – a copy of the award letter showing the amount you receive. Must be no more than 120 days old
  • If you are unemployed and not on SSI and/or Disability and receive no other income but have a recurring gift from someone – a recurring gift form is required stating the amount received, how often, who gives you the gift and how long they will be giving the gift for. This form isprovided by our office.
  • Tax Returns are a Requirement.

Everyone under the age of 18

  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate